There are few figures in the colorful lexicon of Vegas legends as iconic and imposing as self-proclaimed “Professional Weirdo” Jenn O. Cide. Her very presence – towering, tattooed, pierced and sweetly menacing – commands your attention and her amazing array of unique talents make her impossible to ignore.

She can breathe fire, belly dance and eat broken glass. She has a degree in audio production, has MC’d for Motley Crue and has broken her back … twice. She’s the creator of two instructional DVD’s on performance and runs a successful Sideshow talent agency. She’s managed world tours for headlining acts, designed and managed attractions at Eli Roth’s Goretorium and even had pages from a novel stapled to her body to promote a book release.

If it’s shocking, if it’s compelling, if it’s ENTERTAINING Jenn O. Cide is all in. When she enters a room, it’s hers, and if you’re lucky you’ll see things you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Here is what P Moss, author, musician, Double Down Saloon owner and a Vegas icon in his own right, had to say:

“Jenn starts her day by eating broken glass and stapling the morning paper to her forehead. She is a comedic genius and ringmaster of the circus of the absurd; a true American treasure.”

Many have been conceived in Las Vegas but few are actually born and raised here. Jenn O. Cide is a native in every sense of the word. Reared in a world where you are either entertaining or irrelevant, Jenn began interning at the historic Huntridge Theatre at the age of 12. Curious by nature, she wanted to learn the art of live sound engineering. To Jenn the opportunity to work with touring bands, play with all the cool technical toys, travel the world, and even get paid for it was the epitome of the American Dream. She studied with the best, did the work no one else wanted to do and became an enigmatic fixture in Las Vegas entertainment as a result.

At 14, Jenn saw sideshow performer Sal the Human Salamander breathe fire to the delight and amazement of an enthralled crowd. She begged him to teach her how it was done and he agreed, but with a catch; she had to learn his entire sideshow act and in the process learn to respect the traditions and heritage of counter-culture’s most noble profession. She agreed, and after Sal retired, she inherited all of his stunts.

Inspired by Clive Barker, LSD, punk rock, world travel, body modification, being underwater and her Mom, Jenn is a living embodiment of mind over matter. She’s equal parts carnival barker and philosopher; science fiction and science fact. Her acidic humor, gregarious nature and biting wit have earned her the well-deserved reputation as a silver-tongued she-devil. She’s fearless, innovative and always pushing the envelope of her many professions. To quote a friend: “She’s more man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever have.”

Ah, but here a secret … the most shocking thing about Jenn O. Cide is not that she can do a shot and eat the glass or provide you with a live one-armed mermaid for your son’s sixteenth birthday party. It’s that once you get to know her; once you get beyond her intimidating look and mischievous smile; once you navigate the murky, dangerous waters that surround her like a moat full of angry sharks; Jenn is one of the sweetest, most generous, kindest and personable people you’ll ever meet.  To know her is to love her, but you’ll earn it, and it might just leave some visible scars.

A performance artist with no equal, Jenn lives to entertain, and to help others who do, become better at it. She is a purveyor of thrills and a human canvas for the meek among us to explore our wild side though “safe danger.” As long as there is a fear of clowns, fascination with fire and the “what if I push” impulse on the subway platform in all of us, and as long as the huddled masses are thrilled by the seemingly-impossible, Jenn O. Cide will hold court at its forefront. Her ultimate goal is to take her skills, vision and art world-wide. She tours constantly, performs almost nightly and is currently developing a travel series covering her exploits as she explores the most bizarre places and people in the world.

And how would Jenn O. Cide like to be memorialized when it’s her time to shake off this mortal coil? In her own words:

“I don’t want to be buried. I’d like to be taxidermied like a grizzly and stationed in a friends living room. Not to be used as a coat rack, however.”